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mordauk said
quickandeasy said
@Giallo, that’s a very good point, but, I’ve been looking on that Blender Cookie @mordauk posted, and I must say, I’m hooked! haha
Not trying to self promote, but I built their site ;)

Pippin, I’ve told your bro he owes you a few beers, I’ve just spent $72 on his training series and then I’m gunna spend another $50 on the vehicle modeling one.

I wouldn’t have if it weren’t for you so I’m sure you can blag a few bevvys out of him!

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hi, i am used to work with cad applications, but in past i started in 3d. today i prefer for 3d modeling and draft visualization modo 3d, keyshot for render. it works pretty well and fast.

i worked 5 years in 3d studio max, its very easy for beginners and very good output quality, especially export in other fileformats.

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I can tell you this there is a big short of people in the Cinema 4D industries; it’s the right time to start learning C4D ,you will see this will start to get more poplar platform of use + I think also Envato is stepping in to the C4D category next year if i am not mistaking….