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CreaFx says

If you have MediaTemple account, they’ve started partnership with CloudFlare which is free for basic use. Also, MT has its own Pro CDN .

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P4tient says
PatrikL said
ranfirefly said
I was just about looking for cloud hosting, and Amazon was one of them.
Is there anybody else using it and can recommend on Amazon?
Well, the marketplaces are using it ;)
That should be a good enough reason, it were for me anyway :P haha!

Actually, all envato stuff is hosted on slicehost (acquired by rackspace).
Except marketplaces (not incl. tutsplus) — they’re on rackspace.

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JoshuaSprague Staff says

I have used Amazon S3 on a number of big projects with no real problems at all. It was easily able to handle everything thrown it’s way even under heavy traffic.

I have also used Rackspace many times and they are an excellent host very fast very reliable.

I think either of those are fine options for just about anything.