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jonathan01 says

I’ve tried several over the years including the Dell and none are anywhere near the quality of display you get with an LED Apple Cinema Display – it may be a little more than some of the others but personally I think it’s worth it – plus if you ever decide to sell you get way more value selling anything apple for some reason (not that you’ll sell I’m sure of it).

As for connecting to a PC then I know several people that have done this – not sure what they used but it can be done no problems I believe.

Hope that helps and at the end of the day just make sure you buy from someone with good returns – if you don’t like it just send it back (like Amazon) – then you can be sure you’ll settle on the right one for you.


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Visual_A says

Thank you for sharing your opinions! I need to hear personal experience, so I can decide. Thanks!

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EFEKT_Studio says

I had DELL’s ultra sharp 27” monitors and they are nice, but apples led cinema is way better IMHO.