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nuvru says

Hi, I run a web design and SEO biz and I have my hands super full right now and I am looking to outsource some work to professionals who know what they are doing.

Do you have recommendations of the best place to find active freelancers who specialize in Wordpress,, basically doing installs, customizations, css, content, SEO etc?

A lot of the work is basic customizations and set up of Wordpress and HTML themes found here… or basically premium themes. Basically taking a theme and turning it into a real website.

Please let me know, thank you!

Btw, I am including these keywords so people who are looking for this can find this post… ( hire, freelance, job, work, paid, outsource, firm, business )

Thanks again,


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crozer says

if you are interested, I could get my hands on the WordPress area of your site (including the topics within it that you have mentioned).

Shoot me an email through my profile page, and I will reply ASAP with further info regarding the time-schedule, budget, etc.

Kind regards,