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felt_tips Moderator says

it hurts sales to have different sizes, I’d go with the large or medium one and make that a standard for everyone. it drives me nuts to have different preview video sizes, what’s the benefit in that? confuses customer, not ergonomically sensible… scanning thru projects I see one with an itty bitty preview, and the next with a big preview, I’d be more likely to buy one w/big preview… that doesn’t make sense to allow… I’d standardize previews, they should be the same size for all projects here, imho.

Actually, not a bad idea, Ken. I guess that would have to be the smallest size though. The fleet must travel at the speed of the slowest ship and all that.


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arleksey says

felt_tips, you get me wrong

as i said: 960×540 has minimal lowering of quality, than downscaling to smaller sizes.

i donn`t mean changes of proportions or any other characteristics.

960×540 is the biggest resolution and so it has better quality for presentation your HD projects

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MarkBrodhuber Envato team says

Just wanted to confirm what Ben mentioned. We have 3 allowed preview sizes to accommodate three allowable main file sizes. 960×540 is for 1080, 640×360 is for 720, and 720×480 is for standard definition.

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BF_Motion Envato team says

There are 3 sizeslike Mark stated… it not like a free for all where everyone has different size previews. Some of the super old files have whacked sizes since they were here before it was VH. If you cant see it on a 15 in screen then you machine must be old. Most computers now have a pretty high resolution that can be made even more fine & higher res in the settings.

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Art101 says

Thanks for all relies, I think I’ll use 640×360 for two reasons:
1. loads faster.
2. the playback control.

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Ilyon says

In some works I cannot get the good quality of my preview… If there are any universal methods to make preview without visible lost of quality? For example, in the preview the thick stripes become as a solid spot, and I don’t think that the buyer will like it even he knows that this is only preview… :(

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