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DarkstarDesigns says

Hi there

I am fairly new to after effects, and I have been asked to make a lower third for a tv productions company and they require that I provided the final file as a quick time/ .mov that has transparency as it will but load on to a piece of broadcast equipment.

I managed to do this using the animation setting in the render queue and setting channels to rgb+alpha. but when i gave them in the frame rates they wanted which were 25, 50, 23.976, 59.94, the only one that sort of worked was the 25 frame rate one, but it cuts out the first part of the animation as it cant load it fast enough the bit rate is currently 45789kbps.

I have seen a bit rate setting but it grey out using the setting I have, I need to get this down but i also need the channel to be rgb+alpha which i cant seem to find

On a separate note I have the plug-in optical flares to make highlight that move across the lower thirds all set to overlay but when I put transparency on in after effects i can see the black boxes they are in is there any way to get around this.

cheers for any help

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InlifeThrill says

Hello, I would set the Optical Flares’ “render mode” to “on transparent”. Another thing – do not render in quicktime/animation. Try quicktime/png with rgb+alpha.. or export an image sequence in tiff or png..The frame rate thing should work properly.

I am sure quicktime/animation is good for some cases (not sure I can give a good example right now..) but I dnot think yours is one of them.

Give it a go like that.


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bryandrake says

In my experience, most broadcast equipment will take 32-bit targa sequences with alpha or, if it’s PC-based, an uncompressed AVI . Chyrons and Dekos will convert them into their own format, so ideally it should accept any high-quality format and do the compression on its end.