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ash123 says


I bought Blue Diamond theme and uploaded it and installed it a few months ago. I now want to install the Layer Slider plugin, but I can’t find it anywhere. The plugin zip file is supposed to be inside the theme zip file. I extracted the theme Zip several times but nothing is there. Could you please let me know where I can find it?

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ThemeFocus says

Look your account have no bought any item. :)

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ash123 says

I bought it on Feb 19 but I used another email from the same domain (creative@…). I’d be happy to provide you with a screen shot of the invoice or more information via email or a more private channel.

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Dzinc Staff says

Hi ash123, have you tried contacting the author via the buyer account? If needed, retrieving your account details is a fairly quick process.

Please Sign Out, and choose the Forgot › Password option in Envato Account.

Now simply write the username of the appropriate account, and click on Reset password.

You should receive an e-mail promptly, with further instructions. If the problem does persist, please be so kind to contact support, and support staff will be glad to assist.

Once logged in with the buyer account, you can interact directly with the author here. The link takes you to the item’s Comments section, where you can also browse previous posts for troubleshooting.

Simply leave the author a quick comment and he’ll gladly point you in the right direction. For additional troubleshooting, be sure to check the theme’s support forum as well. Good luck.

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shaneparkins says

I have same issue, downloaded latest update and no zip file for layerslider