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Tamixes says

I need a new iPad stylus and was wondering if anyone has tried the Blue Tiger or Sensu Brush styli?

I’m looking for a stylus that is accurate, responsive and glides well; particularly for painting and drawing. I have Jot but I find it only works well for slow deliberate type of stuff. I prefer to draw, paint and write fast and the Jot has a tendency to skip.

My short list of styli include the Blue Tiger, Sensu Brush, Lynktek TruGlide and the Wacom Bamboo. Has anyone tried the Blue Tiger yet (or any of the others). The Blue Tiger seems awesome but I’m not too sure how much is hype and if any of them are worth it. I currently use my ‘free’ no name brand (it came free with my iPad iPearl cover) stylus all the time, and not my more expensive Jot.

I’m ordering online as we have a very limited styli range available locally so I can’t even test them out.