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ashmetry says

Interesting that I don’t see any any ecommerce or html theme for a BookStore (sale/rental..etc) I would be very interested in a html theme. These two standout but they seem outdated.

[url removed]

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Nitro_Themes says

If you are interested give me a buzz and we can talk.



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DunKz says

Hi, If you want a book shop just send me an email to info[at]generictec[dot]com


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charlie4282 says

We just built one for a relatively large store and I would point out that if you mean just somewhere to promote your store a few titles then you can use any number of themes from here to do that.

If you mean one that houses ALL the books you have and allows you to sell or search in great detail or even purchase then you are looking at some more complicated database management stuff. If this is what you want then it may be harder to find because it would need to be quite a specialised set up hence not appealing to that many people and a lot of extra work.

I hope you find what you want and if not give me an email charlie4282@hotmail.com and we can put you in touch with the people who helped us on the one recently.