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placdarms Envato team says

I was once asked if I would sell one of my templates and then delete it from my account (I assumed buyer would upload it here or somewhere else…not sure). It was a popular item making me at least $200 – $300 a month for more than a year and with sales on that item not really slowing down much. When asked how much I wanted I said I’ll let it go for $3000 (equal to 15 months income on average for the item), the buyer said I’m crazy… “Item is only $20, how can you sell it for $3000”. I explained the maths to him and he never replied.

Well, if that buyer were intending to simply get exclusive license and use it as a project for himself and make sure no one else will use it again, then 3000$ might seam a bit high, but if he wanted it to be an investment that he will keep selling then price of 15x monthly profit is really cheap.

Then again your loss of revenue source is no different in any of those two scenarios so I believe for you the 15x price is still really cheap. And i’m with Massfocus here. Whoever that byer was – he missed an excellent deal.

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StencilMedia says

Not sure about the legal ramifications and/or VideoHive TOS, but I can’t really see anything wrong with it generally. As long as the person buying the portfolio knows what they’re doing when it comes to After Effects and takes the time to learn each of the items inside and out, so they can provide a decent level of support.

I don’t think it would work if it’s just your average guy off the street who has no experience with After Effects. Unless it’s a stock footage portfolio or something.

I do think that current monthly sales x60 is a bit excessive though. If you search After Effects projects from 2008, and check out the level of quality… it’s highly unlikely that they’ve been getting anywhere near the sales they would have initially got. Tastes change, as do formats, resolutions, supported AE versions and all that kind of jazz.

In my opinion, two years of current monthly sales is still maybe a bit excessive.