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vrob says

Flash_Cart, you’re great. That really did make me laugh out loud.

Thanks for responding everyone and for your support. The person in question actually did send me the money this afternoon. So maybe you’re all giving good karma. At any rate, I’m not sure why he still hasn’t communicated anything or what his reasons were, but a paid invoice means that there’s potential for me being willing to do any future work. It’s always better not to have a burned bridge.

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EireStudio says

Edit, have to start reading more replies, congrats about getting the situation sorted :)

My advice for what it’s worth:

Do not try and slander his name via twitter, his blog etc. This makes yourself look unprofessional and does nobody any good. I know your angry, I would be too, you just need to compose yourself and try to get in contact with him again, you never know he could be extremely busy.

Shoot him another email and state that if you don’t hear back from him within one week you will be going to the small claims court.

Good luck