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BiiBua says

I’m just wondering if I can just submit only “Theme Files” for reviewing first. For other information such as preview image, screenshots, description, etc., I will update it after I get approved.

Is this possible?

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charlie4282 says

No it won’t he approved without all the necessary files that come with the theme. If you want feedback on your file then post a link in item discussion here

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billyf says

I don’t think it’s possible because you will need the ‘complete’ package if you want your submission to have even 1% chance of getting approved.

If you’re thinking of doing this just to check whether your design / concept is acceptable, perhaps you can submit the design to PSD category, or some relevant categories which can be done with lesser preparation / work. Usually if it can be accepted in one category, it will be accepted in another but if I have not mistaken, an item can only have a maximum of 3 ‘variations’ (i.e. PSD, HTML and WordPress, or HTML, WordPress and Joomla etc.).

Hope that helps.