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Damavsman says

Can I sell jquery scripts on themeforest and to clients even though I didn’t script them myself but used my own images? Is it legal? I’m designing a webpage for clients for free atm no charge. Could someone help me on this and also give me a reference site with info to back up your answer?

And I meant selling the website with jquery script not selling the jquery script alone.

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glutenfree4u says

I’d have to think that you could not include the scripts in your template unless you had permission / license to do so from the original creator of the scripts.

Check into the knowledge base or contact support for the methods you’d need to do.

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Bebel says

to make it simple: you can only sell what you own (of course). If you selling someone else’s stuff you have to ask him first, obviously. So you should buy a proper license or just ask the author for persmission :-)

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themespirit says

Hi Damavsman

I think you need to clarify the question please.

Are you wanting to sell a template/theme or a script?

If you have found a jquery script that you have edited slightly (putting in your own images) and are looking to sell that then personally I think the answer is no.

If you are creating a template or theme that is using a bit of ‘free to use’ jquery then personally I think this is ok. But I re-iterate, it has to be an open-source jquery script that is ok to include within a theme or template.

With respect to the other replies I would question the answers, here is why.

Most html template or WP themes will be utilising some form of jquery scripts, from Bootstrap, image rollovers, sliders etc.

The people that are using these scripts do not ‘own’ them, but as they are open source or free to use in templates that is why authors use them.

Jquery is a very open source language with thousands of people contributing to it’s growth and success. If it’s open source then you can use it in a theme that you sell but not sell the script on it’s own.

That’s what I think anyway.