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I’m in the insurance affiliate market and I want to get a theme designed that’s more original instead of always tying to customize a template on my own.

I’m going to start with my auto insurance domain and then I have (home, life, health, and business) domains that will need to be designed as well. So expect to repeat business.

Here are a few sites to give an idea of what I’m after design wise.

quickquoteinsure dot com
autoinsuranceplanners dot com
autoquotenow dot com
autoinsuranceselect dot com (a little basic, but nice header)
usinsuranceonline dot com
carinsurancelist dot com

There’s a ton of awesome designers on this site so please let me know what you can do. I don’t need a theme detailed with content, I expect to add this plus much more on my own. I just need the design/graphics and layout.

I appreciate it!

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I’d be interested in helping you out , you can contact me through my profile page if you like and we can discuss what you need.