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Envato team

Hey guys. I’ve received a few comments that our Support ticket system is giving an error:

One of the required field(s) is empty Invalid department ID specified; please select a valid department.

We can’t seem to replicate the problem but both of the users who can’t get it to work are from Pakistan. So I’m wondering if there’s something weird going on.

So if you’re in Pakistan can you try and submit a Support ticket and see what happens? Just add in the comments “This is just a test of the Support ticket system to see if it is working correctly in Pakistan”.


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I submitted a test ticket and worked fine on my end. I submitted the ticket using FireFox 14.0.1 on Mac OS X 10 .7.4

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Thread locked

Old thread revived. I believe the issue has been resolved. Locked to prevent further spamming and/or confusion.