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Carmen Staff says

Guys, I’m moving this to off topic. :)

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VF says

That lengthy thread was a by product of precautions and overdose of moderator sincerity towards Envato/community. Mods, try to grasp the point mentioned on threads (not only the tone), if you like to participate on the subject, cool but remove your moderator coat and speak as author/buyer in the subjects.

When you try to do the both on single post, you guys are unconsciously being a pain for the subject or extending useless/subjectless threads by yourselves – may be for your own benefits?

Btw, there is a definite bitterness and positive expectation from authors on few features and updates. If you guys could’t travel with the same boat with them, well you will make upside down all the boats you came across by calling every message as nonconstructive. Think about is this the job you assign yourself? :(

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Thecodingdude says


Close this please.