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chrisac456 says


I realise I don't have the time to learn how to work with themes and am therefore looking for a web designer to help me find and choose a theme for the site.

The basic principle of the the site requirements are:

1. Customers click to buy a product which they then download instantly. This is the most important part of the site – and the area I don’t have the skills to implement my self

2. When I have more products available I need the ability to add them to the site my self

To start with the site would have a main page listing the products of which there will be only 2-3. Customers would click on a product image which has a small description and this would open up a page with enhanced product detail and of course the click to buy.

I don’t have a big budget for this so if your interested please be realistic. I don’t think this would be a job for a fill blown website company – rather it would be more for someone working alone. I don’t think this is a complicated site to design – but its the instant buy and download area which may require some experience?

I can forward a couple of links to sites to give you an idea of what Im looking for.


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BenSheppard says

Could you explain a “realistic budget” a bit more?

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PaddyTaylor says

When you say “Customers click to buy a product which they then download instantly.” you mean the site needs to incorporate commerce capabilities e.e. Paypal, MoneyBookers, CreditCards etc?

It might be worth you posting the links to the kind of sites you are thinking of so people can understand properly what you need.


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chrisac456 says


I contacted 4 web design companies and was quoted prices way out of my league. I’m asking here because I see people creating fantastic themes and some of them not really getting any sales. My thinking is I can pay them a lot more than a few download sales if they help me out. Maybe Im thinking about it the wrong way?

Paddy, Basically yes. But Paypal only.

I should be able to supply all imagery. I’m not a designer but I can rustle up a few images in photoshop.

What I’m essentially hoping is theres a theme suitable and someone can add on the commerce/downloading side, and basically get it working. Whoever can help me would see return business. Whilst I must be able to add new product/content my self there will come a time when more expertise is required – ie when I start making a few sales of my products and need web site enhancements.

Example site. There are many, so this is just one example. This is the type of business – sound design/selling sample packs. http://freakyloops.com/Home.html

I would only be starting off with a couple of products so initially the site would be sparse – which I’m fine with.


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CanadianONE says

Hi Chris,

What you are looking for doesn’t sound too complicated, and I would be more than happy to help you with it. From what I can tell, you don’t necessarily want/need a custom theme – I think what you are saying is:

1. You need someone to help you find a theme that will WORK for your business and tweak the theme so that it fits your branding. 2. You need someone to set everything up for you (theme, plugins, etc.) and get you online and selling. 3. In the future you want to be able to add new products to the site yourself, so the site needs to be set up to make that easy.

If it sounds to you like we’re talking about the same things, I would be more than happy to do it for just a few hundred bucks (I’d like to chat with you more before giving you firm price – make sure we’re on the same page). If you want to talk more specifically, drop me a line at grant@cheepandsheep.com .

Thanks, Grant Johnstone

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chrisac456 says

Thats exactly it Grant. Im emailing you.

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