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CrazyOstrich says

Hi, Being a bit of a newbie to Wordpress I’m a little stumped when it comes to Captcha.

I’m using the Avada, which is fabulous, but I can’t find a way to use captcha to minimize spam in both the contact form (from theme options) plus another form I’ve created in html on another page. I’d also like to use the plugin bbpress. So that’s three seperate captcha’s I need which is fine if I use different forms from the theme or Contact 7 for example but the combination of the theme form, my bespoke form and the bbpress plugin.

Anyone with any pointers, much appreciated Thanks

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ImanGM says


To use captcha in contact form 7, please follow this article:


Hope this helps :)


Edited: I guess I didn’t get the point and you want to have a single captcha plugin for all of them, right? So sorry if my answer is not helpful :)