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omarabid says


The other day, I had this idea: A CC/TF installer plugin. Any user can download the plugin and connects it to his CC/TF account. He buys some products on the CC/TF site and then from his WordPress admin panel he can install these products. This will solve many problems for authors. Actually, many users don’t know how to properly install a plugin and struggle (or never do) updates.

So instead of each author implementing an auto-update solution, this can solve it for everyone. What do you think?

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pezflash says
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Gewora says

Envato offers a marketplace to sell items, in my oppinion it would be out of their role to do something like this.

I also do not think think that we should take away any “brain needed” action from customers. At least they should be able to read the documentation on how to install the product.

Everyone has a brain but if we give them the chance to not use it, we get a bunch of dumb people since everyone is lazy at one point.

Just my oppinion :)

  1. Edit: O’ well, their is really somethin like this available already? lol