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ScottMFox says

Hi, This is the most strangest forums I have ever entered so very lost as to where I need to post this – forgive me.

In Sellya Opencart Template – on product pages there is ADDTHIS and TAGS – these exist to the right of the product – How can I totally delete this right hand side column? Yes I want to remove ADDTHIS and TAGS – I want the whole area dedicated to this product as I find these things detract from the sale – I actually think ideally -a short description of product should go here instead.

I’d happily post a screenshot – but seems I do not have that ability on this forum.

If there is a better place to post such a question please advise.

Thank you

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Marvidude says

Hi! This is a general ThemeForest forum. For product-specific support or Queries, contact the author of that theme through their profile page or their support forum . You can find the support forum link as well as the profile page by clicking the author avatar on the product page. Thanks!