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maslin_a says


The author of this theme doesn’t seem to want to reply to comments so I’m hoping someone can help.

How can I:

Remove image border Allow tables Change the colour of the content background


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Dzinc says

Hi maslin_a, have you already given the author’s dedicated support forum a try? Simply open a support ticket and I’m sure he’ll gladly point you in the right direction.

For additional theme related troubleshooting, the author also provides a FAQ’s page.

Of course, this thread will also remain open, welcoming any/all feedback from the community, in case someone does have an accurate solution for you. Good luck!

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charlie4282 says

As Dzinc said email the author but just quickly as its the w/end: borders and colours will all be changed in CSS files and as for tables – I cannot see any reason why it would not support them as usual assuming you are entering the code in “text” not visual mode of WP?