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projekcior says


From 4 / 5 months, I have got problem with choosing appropriate computer to work (not game!).

- What am I do? - Graphic (layouts, business cards, web design, logo, big posters) - Programming (front-end html/css/js/php, maybe c++ at the university)

- Amount of money (max) - 5500 PLN = 1325 Euro

- My propositions: 1. Asus 17,3” WITHOUT Display/monitor http://www.x-kom.pl/p/179293-notebook-laptop-17-3-asus-n750jk-t4113h-16-i7-4700hq-16-128750-win8-gtx850.html 2. MSI 14,1” WITH Display/Monitor http://www.x-kom.pl/p/201309-notebook-laptop-14-1-msi-ge40-dragon-eyes-i7-4712mq-16gb-1201000-gtx850m.html" 3. Macbook 13,3” WITH Display/Monitor http://allegro.pl/macbook-pro-retina-13-me864-i5-2-4-4gb-128ssd-iris-i4507114812.html

Please help me, mobility is very important for me.

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NuminaThemes says

The macbook.

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Braxas says

All of your propositions are quite good. but if you need comfort to work with design in photoshop, indesign and other graphic aplications, you should choose computer with bigger screan if will be working in move, bigger hdd, more ram (miminum 8gb). First choose in my opinion is best.

Mackbook ist realy beautifull, but…
1. low ram
2. little HDD
3. little 13” screan
4. dualcore?

If you need mackbook find something stronger.

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ankan333 says

For that budget try sticking with dell. Call up their representative and tell your needs e.g : i5-4590 or i7-4770 1tb hdd 8gb ram 2 gb GeForce Nvidia xx.xx 17inch screen and etc. and don’t forgot to buy a external cooler else you don’t wanna heat up your lap :p

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Dream-Theme says

rMBP but with more RAM (it is hard-soldered to motherboard and there’s no much chance expanding it). You wont regret it. Switching from Windows to Mac OS was the biggest event in my “computer life”. Actually I’m opening my high-end Sony VAIO with slight disgust now (and do so only in case I need to test something in old IE).

You can have more disk space by using one of these babies: http://www.transcendusa.com/apple/jetdrivelite/ or http://www.transcendusa.com/apple/jetdrive/