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Hello, I am working on a single website for myself, and I would like to use themes from ThemeForest for the look of the site. I have a couple questions I’m hoping you all can answer so that I can make sure I’m purchasing the correct license and not breaking any other rules.

I’m not planning on using any themes as they stand, and will more than likely purchase from 2 to 5 themes, and use various chunks, icons, colors etc, to come up with a final product. Is this allowed?

After reading the licenses, and checking the forums, I am not finding a clear answer to which license will be best for my needs. I need to make sure up front that this is not going to harm the website down the road, which could become a business, if things work out ok.

The themes will be applied to the site, entirely, but there also may be a blog and a forum (all under the same domain name). Would I also be allowed to use the parts of the themes for the blog and the forums? Again, I will not be using any of these themes out of the box, but more hacking parts of them around to get where I want to go. I would not be surprised if the final site did not look at all like the theme, but there will be “widgets”, “icons”, “colors” and the like that will be recognizable.

If the blog and forums are a no go, then I would want to know, why, if I custom wrote the blog and forums on my own, and they were not WordPress or phpBB, but part of the entire site as custom code, how is that most likely ok to do, but using a “CMS”ish way is not ok?

I assume I can remove the “theme made by…” part from the entire kit?

How far do I have to take this before it could ever be considered a derivative work? I need to copyright the website, and I would rather not have a copyright line that reads: Logo copyright 2009, portions of the theme are not, other portions are.

What would happen in the event that I sell the website, would this simply be a matter of transferring the license of the theme(s) to the buyer?

Probably the simplest way to think of this would be, if one day, ebay came along, and decided to use one of these themes. They would have to modify, hack, and otherwise base their final Web site on the theme. They have forums, admin panels, blogs, and many other portions, all of which would use some part of the theme.

Being on a shoestring budget, this is the only way I know how to move forward on this, in the time I need to. If things work out, ideally, I would hire one of the theme designers here to make me something fully custom, however, until the site proves successful, that would be a waste of money.

Thanks in advance for any help and clarification you can provide.

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If you purchase a template/theme (or multiple) with a standard license, you can modify it however you would like. A standard license allows you to use the theme once.

If you use pieces and parts of a theme or several themes to create a website, a forum and a blog that are all considered the same website (under a single domain name for example) then that complies with a standard license.

Later on down the road, if you decide to sell the website, you will be transferring the license to the buyer where the same restrictions apply.

Think of it like a car. You buy a car from the dealership and you’re allowed to modify the car however you like. You’re not allowed to make duplicates of the car but if you would like to sell it, you can. Once you sell it though, you no longer have the car. :-)

You can also remove the “Theme made by”, etc. and you don’t need to put “logo copyright”, etc. When you buy the theme, you can put copyright “your info” on it but you cannot claim that you built the original theme.

Hope that helps! If you have any other questions, just let us know. :-)

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Yes, you’ve been a great help clarifying this for me. Thanks so much!

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