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ggree says

I’m looking for a clean and fast and if possible, responsive, blog-style theme which features image-based blog posts.

Like this: http://i.imgur.com/bXwEc.png

My wordpress site features images in daily posts and I currently have a theme which is quite slow in loading and is not responsive at all. Are there are responsive themes which support the featured image on both the blog list view and within the blog itself? I don’t write much and so the iamge needs to be the focal point of the blog posts. Also, due to prior advertiser commitment, I need a sidebar.

On the blog-list view (ie: no the blog post itself), it would be best if only the image was shown and not the blog description/text. On blog post: It should be able to zoom-in on the featured image.

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casidos says

Check any theme from virusnac !! [cosmothemes]