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AndySlatter Envato team says

Hi, just thought I would share this tool with everyone, I know it’s nothing groundbreaking, but for me, it was a great find, I use it in reviewing, but it is also great if you are uploading numerous items which use partly the same text information. You can copy numerous blocks of text, then when selected in the clip list of Clipboard Magic, they become the current item in the windows clipboard ( sorry Mac users, but I’m sure there must be an equivelent for Mac?). You can save the clip list, which means you can save different clip lists for different scenarios. Hope you enjoy! http://www.cybermatrix.com/cmdownloads.html

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scottwills Envato team says

Great idea, Andy! :) Mac users can use something similar called TextExpander where you can assign keyboard shortcuts to paste in text you’ve prepared and saved on a previous occasion. It’s a little pricey, but it’s very powerful and can save a BUNCH of time. CodeCanyon’s SM Jeffrey Way was the one that told me about it, props to Jeff. :)

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Daniel_R says

Thanks Andy for the share….very helpful indeed. ;)