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MSFX Volunteer moderator says

Hey Guys,

I’m usually found over at FlashDen but having just created a full xml driven flash site I am looking for a CMS system for it…

There are 6-8 pages, all xml driven… (the usual – content pages, video, slideshow, contact etc)

Can any of you guys recommend anything to me that would be simple enough to implement and to hook up to my XML files to provide a CMS for this site…

I will consider offers and there may be the potential for further work if anyone wants to either post here or contact me via my Den to offer their services…

Any help appreciated :)


MSFX / Matt

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rblalock says

I can’t think of anything off the bat. Using the simpleXML functions in PHP will do wonders!

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tugbucket says

I second simpleXML. I only started sing it recently but I caught on to it fast. You might find it easier to build your own CMS to work with your XML files rather than trying to customize a pre-existing CMS to suit your needs.