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RogerNobrega says

Hello, I have a gaming website, and I want to add something like a gaming collection. It could be not exclusive related to games, but I imagine something like this:

Page of items: Will display all the items that you can add to your collection.

Item hover, and item page: On hover will display buttons like “Add to my collection” and another custom status buttons. Item page will display item details and stuff related to that item.

I think we can use this to create a collection of books, games, and other things, to users show what they have, and what they are reading, playing, etc.

Anyone know something like this? If anyone with skills to code plugins for wordpress want to develop this I can help and pay for it.

Actually I am using ReviewIt theme for wordpress with 52 plugins.


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Neo-tronic says

I’m searching for the same…

Have you find anything? =)