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Do all browsers required by themeforest support it?
Yes, it will even work on IE6 . There’s no weird css hackery going on all you do is give equal left and right margins to your columns and then make the width of the container slightly larger to accommodate them.
But then it won’t line up correctly with the rest of your content…

I’m not sure what you mean, do you have an example where that would be a problem?

If you’re container is 960px and there’s 20px margin on both sides of your columns then a full width section would also need the margin to line up with the columns. Of course this effectively makes the full width of your content area 920px. If you wanted the content area to be 960px you would just up your container to 1000px.

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Some people need to chill out a bit. This was a simple challenge to see how this could be best done. If you’re not interested just move on. I don’t for a second believe it would make you 1000 sales but it would make any theme more user friendly.