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I see some buyers do not know about contact form and use comment section to request help instead. Comment section is ok for short answers but most of the time it is not efficient for help. Also I check my e-mails more often then login here. I guess it is also the case for buyers.

I had a comment for 3 days from a buyer and I wouldn’t know untill I logged in. Now I don’t even know if the buyer will ever see my reply.

So can we get a notification system for comments; when an item is commented and when a comment is replied to?

If such system exists, please let me know cause I can’t seem to find in my settings.

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Well, when you are posting a comment you can check “Send me an email if this comment receives any replies” but I agree it would be good if we could get e-main notification on every comment, but I guess that would be resource intensive for Envato.

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The comment system is the bane of authors. When a buyer comments he has the option of getting email notifications of replies. Authors cannot get notifications.

Here is how this scenario plays out:

Buyer comments and ticks checkbox for email notifications. Buyer assumes that author also gets email notifications. Author is never notified. When he manually checks the dashboard (1 minute, 5 hours, or 10 hours later) he sees the comment and responds immediately. The buyer is notified immediately. So he responds immediately expecting the author to respond quickly. The author is never notified. He sees the message whenever he refreshes the dashboard…maybe in 20 minutes or 6 hours. The buyer gets angry that responses take so long.

There is no API for comments so authors cannot build their own tools to check for new comments. Authors scrape by providing timely support by checking ThemeForest every hour or so, which is a waste of our time and mental energy.

The comment system puts strain on the author/buyer relationship, and could be improved. It has been this way for about at least 2.5 years since I became an author.

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I’m surprised nobody has made a simply email comment notification system on here: http://extras.envato.com/

You could try http://leafping.com ? That does some notifications.

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Envato team

Another much needed improvement to add to the list…

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+1 for the comment notifications 8-)

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