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Do not try to bend the spoon — that’s impossible. Instead, only try to realize the truth: there is no spoon.

Envato is becoming like the Matrix, things are vanishing and popping randomly. Ahahah! :D

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Btw. DGRing user (or someone) has deleted his rude post, so my answer above looks really nonsense. :P
there never was a post before yours
you’re having allucinations, probably due to sea pollution

Arg. Pollution. Now i understand why that dolphin was calling at my door yesterday night. Sonar failure.

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Btw. DGRing user (or someone) has deleted his rude post, so my answer above looks really nonsense. :P

There were some harsh words there that had no motive to be.

I may suggest to my fellow authors to be more careful when they speak about buyers. It is very easy to misinterpret someone words. It is really easy that something you said as a innocent joke to be take for real by someone who didn’t read all the thread or whatever else motive it can have to not understand your comment.

For example there was a discussion on this forum some time ago, about how an author can find out who bought his items. Like just to find out what happens with his creation, why someone bought the item and for what. Just pure curiosity, nothing evil involved. Anyway, my joke was to intentionally insert bugs inside the item and when the buyer will have problem with the item, it will contact you those revealing itself. I thought at the moment that was a good joke. But guess what? Yep, there were people who took this for real and believed that I actually do this with my items.

So just to end my philosophical advice, you can never be to careful.

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