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Hey everyone :)

There’s been quite a few posts recently where people have not been happy about the general community spirit & certain decisions around here (I’m guilty too!) So I thought I’d share something that’s put the biggest smile on my face thanks to Envato, All Buyers, and especially Charlie! (charlie4282)

There’s a knock on the door, what’s this?

The box had Charlie’s name & address on it, obviously I removed that, but seriously, thanks Charlie! So let’s open this up and see what’s inside:

Hmm, it looks like, could it be? Hell yeah! It’s a new wetsuit :D

Anyone who’s ever surfed the North Sea will know both how important, and how expensive these super warm wetsuits are! I literally can’t thank Charlie enough, if anyone can be accused of keeping the community spirit alive around here, it’s him, so thanks again! :)

So Charlie, here’s to you mate!

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Pure awesomeness. Enjoy it safely Tom! Charlie is one hell of guy, clearly! Bravo!

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Nice! I went body-boarding in St Ives in December and the wet suit made the water pretty much normal temperature :D

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Charlie is the bomb! Suit looks awesome!