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ToivoMedia says

I just want to say this website is for sales and Market or for answers have no meaning and no place to express. Someone from here says Click on … And other people laugh. What this level !!!! IMPORTANT : Who wants inquiry on something ? Please There are specialists assistants in all of this in order to answer such questions. All of this I want to say that officials should do something to curb this problem and THANK YOU

Huh? I guess the jist of this is FUN IS NOT ALLOWED. :D

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joiaco says

Threads like this remind me how difficult it is to express oneself clearly in words when they cannot be accompanied by facial expressions and bodily gestures. Especially when the language is a second language. Even the title Community Superstar is supposed to be light-hearted fun – in my opinion anyway! But i would still like a GOLD STAR next to my name, even for one month, because i never got one at school. :)