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hatem10 says

Hey guys,

Here is my situation. I’ve blogged for about 3-4 months for free and I now feel I want to take it more seriously.

I’m passionate about what I do for a couple of hundred pounds I want to try creating and maintaining a blog/site.

I’ve bought self-hosting and my own domain name and I’m currently learning HTML whilst working on my site.

I want to buy a cool theme but I’m really struggling to choose one. There are so many and been new to this I don’t really know what I’m looking for.

To give you an idea, my website is based on self development and will be directed at helping people implement habits into their life. I will be journalling what I’m doing everyday to give people an idea of what it takes and then showing my transformation.

Anyway, can you guys help me towards finding the ideal theme. I guess it needs to be fairly simple but not boring.


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jonathan01 says

Any WordPress theme will work best for blogging so you can offer better interaction, comments, archives and categories – simply download the free WordPress platform and install on your server (or your host may offer a single click install from your control panel) – then view the WordPress category for something that fits your requirements and asthetic design choice.

Hope that helps.