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BonfireThemes says

Hello. I’m gaving issues with the contact form yet again. It seems to be a regular issue; some of the messages just aren’t coming through. I’ve sent test messages myself, first one doesn’t come through while the second one does… Why? And it’s been like that on multiple occasions.

I’m growing extremely worried about how many messages I’ve missed (or negative ratings I’ve received) because customers simply can’t reach me while thinking I’m ignoring them :(

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KingDog Envato team says

Hello :) From what I’ve heard, there could be plenty of reasons emails may not be getting through, from spam to blacklisting and domain issues. Whenever you notice mails are not being delivered, please open a Support ticket and give them all the details. This will be the only way we can properly look into the issue for you. Posting on the forums will often get overlooked and it’s not the place to go for troubleshooting, so we ask you to always open a Support ticket. Thanks!