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jonnyf says

Have an immediate need for a content integrator. Very small websites, some with portfolio.

Immediate job is to take an existing website and purchased themes, and integrate content which includes navigation, text, photo’s, and some copy creation. I will custom tailor the details of the website prior.

I use these themes for my much smaller clients; pay is in US dollars via PayPal. Budget for this job is $100-$200, however future jobs will have higher budgets.

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DzincStudio says
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kriskorn says

Hello can you pay via Moneybookers also ? I am interested if that is the case. You can contact me via my profile.

Thank you,

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BenSheppard says

Feel free to drop my an email thought my profile page :) Cheers

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tc_marites says

Hi jonnyf!

I would like to know if this project still open? If so, would you mind contacting me on my email mfr.webmax@gmail.com?


Marites :)

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sandra_2010 says

hello! We can be of help here… Feel free to email me further details so we could evaluate accordingly.

Email me at sandramercado2010 [at] gmail [dot] com.

Looking forward to hear your response!..


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creativestuff says

hi if you are still looking for a solution I can provide you my nicelittle CMS which will allow you to insert any content (menus , image, text, gallery with lightbox etc) , contact me at

bgaby88 [at] yahoo [dot] com