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kuimu says
“Copy from one person, that’s called stealing. Copy from 5, that’s called research.” -Chet Atkins

“Good artists copy. Great artists steal.” -Pablo Picasso

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AivahThemes says

Hello mates sorry about my brother’s bad english. I was speaking with him regarding copied stuff which i have found on web in different sites which reveals many designs of themeforest. So, he din’t understand what exactly this copycat thread is discussing about and wrote this thread here justnow noticed and it made me too confused what he is was trying to say.

Coming back to topic is what i would like to say is taking inspiration from other sources is one of the best ways to get new ideas, I keep various files of works that I turn to periodically for inspiration. I would say that looking at others works is fine but not completely sticky with one person work, should look out for the works of people around us which is just the right type of brainstorming and creativity boost what beginners need in this media.

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zachlebar says

@kuimu – i couldn’t have said it better myself. that’s one of my favorite quotes.