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Hello Everyone on this great marketplace.

I’m sorry, i have a problem and i need authors give me their opinion.

I made a PSD template and i’m so wondered with it, i uploaded it and i was waiting to see it launched.I thought that this template will be a great one and became a new idea.This is my second item uploaded and my first item was rejected because it has missing many standard rules like licences and help file was not good. I considered my first item as a trial for me because i was not know this rules exactly.

In my second item i fixed all this missing things and also i take in my mind that i should make anew difference design.I made what i want and i was so wondered with my new item and i expected it will be agreat design who will see it.

I uploaded it and i was wiating to see it in PSD category.

And after less than one day they send me a message where they tell me “it rejected” I’m really shocked and this day was so bad for me, i didn’t know what i can do better thand i did.

I will copy the message here to you and please what i should do, may i have some missing thing that i couldn’t see, May be!. So please tell me what i must do

see images here http://www.mediafire.com/?mzhhmmztymj

Here message

( We’re sorry, your item DESIGN CENTER |Effective layout(fit for wide use) has not been approved for sale on ThemeForest. This is the reason given by our item inspector:

This File Requires Some Improvements / Fixes

Thank you for taking the time to submit your work. Unfortunately this item doesn’t meet the high

approval standards we have for the ThemeForest. Files must be well designed and aesthetically pleasing to be accepted under ThemeForest’s acceptance guidelines. Please consider viewing our Top Sellers page to get a good sense of the aesthetic level of popular files: http://themeForest.net/page/top_sellers

You have a nice idea going but this is not aesthetic ready for PSD category.

The design need lots of improvements and polish in details.


Envato Support support@envato.com

This file requires significant improvements or alterations in order to be considered for sale on ThemeForest. Thank you for your understanding.

Your reviewer was kailoon. )

Now, i welcome your opinion to me with this item and i’m waiting your advice.

Thanks, Morad.

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Hi Morad,

In my personal opinion …

The fonts and icons are inappropriate for the design – and they look a little amateurish. While you’re obviously going for a specific look, the lack of colour makes the site fairly dull/boring to look at. Once you have a screenshot on the page, as per the portfolio page, it suddenly looks completely out of place with the generic site colours.

The theme itself seems more appropriate for a call of duty website, rather than design agency/portfolio template?

As for improving it, I’m afraid I’m really not sure what you could do with it – I’m not certain this can be salvaged – maybe you can take the best elements from it and move forwards with it in another direction?

Sorry to be harsh, this is – again – just my personal opinion.



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I’ll first state I’m not a theme developer, but I had a look for you.

I think the design looks good, I’m interested in seeing a demo. If what you put on Mediafire is the same thing that you uploaded, then it might have been rejected because the images are JPGs and not PSDs. On that note, don’t put anything up for free if you aim to sell it for a price.

Maybe it was the help file which appears to not be included in the files put on Mediafire, unless the help file is just that text listing the folder contents (which anyone can see when they open the folder), plus your email address. That is not a help file, there are no instructions on how to use the files.

What about grammar and spell-checking? It appears in your message here that you have not spell-checked it at all and that can make it look very amateurish.

If you still don’t know the problem, then maybe you should buy a few of the best selling PSDs for sale and see what they have included.

Addendum: While I like the design I have to say I agree with Dan that the style is not for a design portfolio, I mean when was the last time you saw a dark portfolio like this? One where section titles look like bits of metal blown apart? Rebuild it not as Design Centre but something instead like “Destroy & Conquer” with a war gaming video or advert in the “services” section. Having said that, there isn’t a “Gaming” category on Theme Forest, the closest thing I have found is this in the “Personal” category: http://themeforest.net/item/grungy-wordpress-theme/51791

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Thank you all, Dwhitmore and Kooladesign for your these great word and i got benefits from your opinions, and thanks four replaying and respecting me.

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Envato team

Post it here please :) we’ll give a more in depth review.

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