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michaelmadskillz says

A simple Coupon code website.

Let me know about it.

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Section214 says

A simple answer.

Cannot be given. least without a more thought-out question. And the title of your post could be better worded as well. Define simple. Define ‘coupon code website’. What language do you want it in? Do you work with PHP primarily? Does your website (god forbid) support ASP ? Are you looking for free software? Open-source? Commercial? What is your acceptable price range? Do you need it to be scalable? Extensible? Based on another platform such as WordPress? Or Joomla? Without a bit more detail as to your requirements and goals, it’s very difficult to properly answer your question.

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dotnetbeg89 says

So yeah, I am waiting for details on this project. I would love to hear from you. This would prove to be a great learning experience for me and a perfectly done website for you