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fillerspace says

Remember that there is a “no support” option to check, and there is at least one popular file with no support provided, so it didn’t hurt sales. I think support for a limited time is better than no support, and a lot of buyers have expressed the desire to pay for support if it meant getting quality support and that the author wouldn’t abandon the item when sales drop. My suggestion works with the current setup and guarantees that when sales drop, support demand will too. If the item remains popular years later, people can continue buying licenses to extend support. Buyers can also only purchase a new license when they need it rather than getting locked in to a recurring charge. Authors can have the freedom to walk away from old items by deleting the item and knowing there is a limited support time for recent buyers.

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aelia_co says

thanks guys for your feedback and sharing your opinions, allow us to share with you our thoughts from a commercial viability pov: if one of our items costs $55 after deduction of Envato’s commission we get $38.5 our costs for covering the after sale service support is an average of $10 to $12 per hour

It gets even worse in cases like ours, in which we get $6 for a sale, and our support costs about $25/hour ($12 hour is the minimum wage, for burger flippers, nobody with any decent skills would accept that).