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ohmyhandmade says

Hi! I’m looking for help customizing and/or merging elements of two Wordpress themes with the Easy Digital Downloads & Crowdfunding by Astoundify plugins to create a crowdfunding site that sells digital prints and all sales go to a specific campaign.

I recently was pushed to jump into creating a crowdfunding website when my mom was faced with homelessness after a life threatening illness-I want to use my influence and creativity to develop safety and home for her and others. So I built Houseraiser.ca in a couple of weeks and started rallying my community of artists and designers-I’ve got great submissions of art coming in but I’m hitting a big wall at how to integrate & sell them. Currently the site is built on the Campaignify theme by Astoundify but it is not ideal. Buying a print is overly complicated & unclear making the The Buy A Print & Raise A House campaign difficult to take action on and there is no easy way for a non-code savvy designer like me to simplify it that I have found yet. After posting in a few support forums I am reaching out for insight & quotes.

What is needed for Houseraiser is a digital print shop where all print sales are attributed to the current campaign and are counted towards the campaign goal. In the future we will add multiple campaigns and the option to submit one but we just need a static campaign to prove the concept.

It looks like a merging of two themes like Franklin or Fundify along with an Easy Digital Downloads shop layout like Scorilo with a clean gallery & individual product pages would be the best choice.

It appears that all the essential elements of this have already been built and need to be compiled by someone with more skills than I! From my digging it looks like the Crowdfunding plugin + a crowdfunding theme + an Easy Digital Downloads shop could all combine to be the perfect foundation for our site. I can design all the graphics but getting those pieces to work together is escaping me so I’m looking for someone who can help me merge those elements.

I have a very limited budget but am open to discussion on how much time + skill is required to make this happen.

Thank you! Jessika

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charlie4282 Moderator says

The logic behind this makes sense but those themes are all designed with a very specific purpose in mind and by different authors – I think you will find it could be quite a big job (in fact I am sure it is) to combine the multiple elements etc. Sorry to burst the bubble

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ohmyhandmade says

Thanks for your feedback! Hopefully someone can pop in and give me an idea of just how large a job this would be and what kind of budget would be required to merge these elements. I’ve sent some queries off too so I can better understand the scope of what I am aiming to do. All three of the themes are built to work with EDD & two of them are built by the same developer as the Crowdfunding by Astoundify plugin so it didn’t seem like such a huge leap to someone like me who doesn’t understand the mechanics of how things work behind the scenes. Will keep looking into possibilities!

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