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jasepo says

Hey ya,

I was wondering, how I can work with custom css codes. My problem is that with the Lounge design, pages (body pages with text) “only” have colour backgrounds. The settings do not include any image uploading.

There is the feature of uploading a background image for the entire page as the page is boxed – but this is not what I want to do.

In the customization options of the theme, there is a place for custom CSS, but I dont have a clue what to enter there to make my pages have a background.

I also thought of edeting the HTML text for the individual pages, but does that work?


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charlie4282 says

Your best bet is to either email the author or post a link to your site here with a slightly more detailed explanation of which bit you want to change and to what so someone can tell you what code to put in the custom CSS section.