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BoxyStudio says

Has anyone had any luck with figuring out a way to open up the WP admin for potential customers to play with before purchasing? Screenshots are one thing, but actually playing with the settings is a great way to sell your items.

What I would like is for it to just reset to default every 5 minutes or so. Or even better, potentially on every login they have their own little “version” of the theme they can play with but no one else will see the changes being made.

I assume this is done with WPMU , but I’m not sure how to get that set up. Any resources you can point me to would be fantastic. Thanks in advance!

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omarabid says

Whatever, it’s setting up a new blog and entire database for each tester. You have just to think about the resources being spent for each test. I’m thinking of doing the same, but users can’t change settings (make a save), they just check the settings panels.