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ThePerfumeGallery says

hi guys, I have bought the Sommerce / Themeforest template and we currently have a Woocommerce shopping cart. When people go to the shopping cart, all the items are displaying, and when they click on the product that they like, the image opens up with the SKU code and the price etc, but the description does not show. There is a small link on the bottom that says “description” and then you can click there and read the product info. I do however want the product info to appear immediately once the person opens the product, in other words it should be displayed together with the (currently showing) price and SKU code etc. Anyone able to help me? the site that I am talking about is

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DunKz says

Hi there,

Can you send me an email to info[at]generictec[dot]com please?

Se falar português será ainda melhor :)


Best regards