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al_m473 says

in the forums, I find the author gravatars and icons beneath them are harder to read with the dark background, not as distinctive, at least according to my old eyes. I have not checked out the other areas of the web site. your opinion may differ,


p.s. for example, trying to read the notes at the bottom of the thread entry page is harder for me, I need to get closer in to see the contents and “pastie” does not show up on my screen (not highlighted) , as does “you can do much more” and “or Cancel’, these are not highlighted at all for reading. I guess dark on light shows up better for me. “Start thread” at the top of this form entry is not even visible.

Page needs work. for old eyes like mine to read it easily. I find gray on a dark background is not as visble to me as dark on a light background is. Especially if you use a small font like you do at the bottom of the thread entry page.

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webdesigndeluxe says

hahaha I was just going to post a thread on this. Yea it’s not just you. I guess the background isn’t repeating on the y-axis but I don’t know. Everything else works so I guess we’ll just have to deal with it for now. So if you’re new here, note that it’s usually supposed to be a white background.

EDIT : As a matter of fact, the reason why this is happening is because of MaksimilijanSimunic’s thread he posted :) It was an accident lol