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Hi everyone,

I don’t know if everyone here knows Dealotto. But there are some great deals for web designers and developers everyday. Are there a lot of people here that already use it? Well, just wanted you guys to know so we can all get some great stuff for less. Btw if your planning on joining dealotto would you mind helping me out and clicking [removed] to sign up so I can get some free stuff? Thanks,

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Yup, I use them – they got awesome stuff. Got the bundle myself.

EDIT : people seems to be too panicked about affiliate links. Instead of reporting the post, whoever did it could have just let the OP know it’s not allowed, so he can edit the link out… jeez…

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Hi kvendrik,

As per the Forum rules, linking to competitor websites is not allowed.

Also, the Forums are not really the place to be using your own affiliate links.

I’m sure you can imagine what it would be like if everyone was to post referral links (even if only for free stuff) for these types of sites – we’d be over run with spam and it’d be unfair for me to leave this thread open and have to close those.

I hope you can understand my reasoning here, thanks.

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