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joelarmando says

Hello, (excuse my english, i’m french)

I bought the theme Funding Press (link : http://themeforest.net/item/fundingpress-the-crowdfunding-wordpress-theme/4371069)

This theme offers a po file (English language)

I translated the po file (in French), but the theme does not recognize it and imposes English in the front-end and French in the back office.

Furthermore, the theme creator says i can allow users to collect money via Paypal CSV file. So, i contacted Paypal and i learned that the CSV files are only used for payment. They are not used to collect money.

I contacted the theme creator (3 days ago) and it does not respond.

So i want a refund to buy another theme. I can not stay in this situation.

Best Regards, Joel

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KingDog Staff says

Hello :) Please give the author a bit more time to reply. Being the weekend they may not be available. Please also make sure you are using the author’s support forum – http://themeforest.net/item/fundingpress-the-crowdfunding-wordpress-theme/4371069/support

It appears that they will not answer questions unless you use their forum. Thanks!

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joelarmando says

The problems remain. and the theme creator do not brings solutions.

1) The projet thumbnail and the important thumbnail (Paypal) do not have the same width (on my website). But they have the same width in the Demo.

Mine : http://www.uhcfunding.com/?project=test-4&step=1

Demo : http://skywarriorthemes.com/fundingpress/project/understanding-the-white/?step=1

2) Some words are in English, while the Po file was translated into French.

link : http://www.uhcfunding.com/?project=test-4 (On this page I see the words (by admin, Home, Backers, comments). This is not French!

link : http://www.uhcfunding.com/ (On this page I see the words (search, funded, target). This is not French!

link : http://www.uhcfunding.com/?page_id=19 (On this page I see the words (no comments, read more). This is not French!

link : http://www.uhcfunding.com/?page_id=28 (On this page I see the words (Name, Email, Subject, Your message). This is not French!

Finally, the date in the profile appears in English.

4) on the project list when I click on the project creator name, I am redirected to the blog. But in the demo, I’m redirected to all its projects.

5) On the smartphones, home page’s content is not centered. The project thumbnails are drawn to the left. (I can send screen captures by email, if you give me your email address)

I’m really sorry for the inconvenience. Something is not working properly. So, if there are not solution to these problems, i want refund. I will can not continue with so many problems.

Best regards,