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dwhitmore says


I’m working on a homepage redesign, which I’m fairly pleased with overall. But it’s just not quite right yet, and I can’t put my finger on what’s missing (or should be).

I wonder if you guys have any thoughts on what might make this design look & flow better?


Any comments at all welcome – don’t worry if it’s to tell me you hate it!

Edit: It’s only the top area by the way :)



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Dzinc Staff says

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evaske says

It’s that man in the header! He just doesn’t seem to fit. Very distracting. Not overly keen on that main header font either.

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Rypepixel says

I think it has good potential. I like the buttons a lot! I do agree with evaske, the man in the header does steal all the attention. My eyes immediately focused on that. If that is what you want, then great! If it isn’t, I would suggest changing that.