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HaloJones says

OK, I’m happy to get slated for this but I think it deserves a discussion. TF (and associated) is simply THE BEST place to be online to get great designs for a fraction of ‘bespoke’ prices. However, despite the great talent available (and perhaps it’s a consequence of market forces), we are simply being treated to a rehash of tired and unimaginative designs/layouts that tell us they are ‘innovative’ and ‘unique’ etc when they are nothing of the sort. If I need a photo portfolio, then there are 100+ designs available, and your latest ‘photo portfolio’ isn’t going to get me excited. Of the hundreds of designers producing work across the whole range of products, there is probably only one or two that get me excited when I see they have something new available. Surely this needs to improve? There is some exceptional and very technical coding going on (and appreciated) but there seems to be a limited amount of imagination and variety.

Designers: Do TF limit you on what is acceptable and essential for work to be accepted? Does this restrict your creativity?


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AlexFjord says

It’s about what sells. Safe bet, more general and versatile products sell better.

While I completely agree the more experienced of us like to see new and imaginative work the majority especially lesser experienced buyers are less intimidated by what they can related and recognise to

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FinalDestiny says

Creative layouts don’t sell. The buyers want the same thing, always, changing their mind is an almost impossible thing to achieve.