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Mocarg Moderator says


I am a C# developer and i was wondering what kind of apps would you like to have to help you build web stuff??


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RikdeVos says

Something like coda ( http://www.panic.com/coda/ ) or textmate for windows!!

It would be great if you could create a text editor with a clean interface like coda, textmate, and espresso have. There aren’t any cool text editors available for Windows. I use e-texteditor myself, but I don’t really like it. People tend to switch from pc to mac just because they then have proper text editing software. For me, $2000 is a little too much, but I’m willing to spend up to $100 on a proper text editor.

If you focus on the interface, you’ll get a lot of sales :) It should definately support code-coloring and perhaps snippets and ftp. I know that this is a LOT of work, but it’s just a suggestion ;)

Good luck!