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cscott5288 says

I am a WordPress/Drupal developer looking for work. I work full time at an ad agency in washington D.C. as a interactive web developer but would like to make some money on the side. I am extremely familiar with the wordpress codex and wordpress theming/coding best practices. In my lifetime I have built probably over 100 wordpress themes, though only one of them was made for mass distribution. You can see some of my past work in my portfolio at cmscott.me

If you are interested, post here first.

Technologies: HTML/CSS (expert), PHP (intermediate), jQuery (expert)

I am a qualified designer but an even better developer. I am (probably) only interested in working with someone who has made sales on this site before. My take shouldn’t be less than 50% and I will do all of the development. Everything else (graphic design, marketing, planning, etc). should be done by the other party. I would basically like to be handed a set of instructions, “I need the theme to have a backend that does this this and this, the front end needs to look like this, etc.” I can do anything I just need to know what it is.

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